White Paper: Readiness is Key to Unlocking the Full Potential of TMS

White Paper: Readiness is Key to Unlocking the Full Potential of TMS

By Lisa Henthorn, V.P., Corporate Communications

Much like how the Uber model has turned the conventional cab industry on its ear, transportation management systems (TMS) have become disruptive technologies, forever reshaping the transportation and logistics market.

TMS technologies show tremendous promise.  As organizations across the world demonstrate every day, TMS can improve margins for shippers by slashing net landed costs of goods by as much as 30 percent.

Yet shippers and transportation and logistics companies today must understand that successfully implementing a TMS is about far more than the technology alone. While the tools, resources and solutions on the market are sound, they require the right environment and nurturing to deliver results.

Beyond the technology, a number of factors ultimately determine the success of a TMS implementation – and at the top of the list is readiness.

In other words, companies that aren’t adequately prepared for a TMS implementation will invariably fall short of those companies that have a solid plan.

Which begs the question: Is your organization ready?

To help you answer it, Eyefreight will soon unveil a white paper: “Is Your Organization Prepared for a Transportation Management System Implementation?”

In addition to exploring and sharing best practices from companies that have effectively planned and implemented a TMS solution, it will include recommendations on how your company can replicate their successes and processes for evaluating five key readiness factors.


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