Transportation and Logistics Set to Benefit from Exponential Cloud Growth

Transportation and Logistics Set to Benefit from Exponential Cloud Growth

By Lisa Henthorn, V.P., Marketing Communications

According to reports from International Data Corporation (IDC), public cloud spending will reach $127.5 billion by 2018, a tremendous 125 percent increase from $56.6 billion in 2014, with $82.7 billion spent on SaaS alone. Cloud-based software directly addresses multiple business needs such as increased agility via outsourced hardware and software, likely serving as the catalyst for such rapid growth.

The cloud offers a more secure, affordable and lower risk option for businesses, requiring a lower initial investment and typically much lower overall costs than on-premise solutions, providing immediate up-front savings.

In ultra-competitive industries like transportation and logistics, cloud growth offers new and enhanced efficiencies for a workforce and customer base split between mobile and non-mobile users. These businesses demand functionality that can be difficult to offer with traditional in-house solutions including:

  • Real-time communication and visibility over all operations
  • Streamlined information flow
  • Flexibility for decision-makers to quickly check statuses and implement solutions during unforeseen
  • Superior planning and forecasting abilities to help businesses capture and automatically generate accurate end-to-end performance reports for more accurate budget forecasts and ultimately cost reductions
  • Reduced training time and workloads that improve teams’ efficiency, eliminating daily manual operational tasks like registering information and building reports

Businesses, especially in the transportation and logistics industry, have an incredible opportunity to grow via the cloud by taking advantage of its enhanced efficiency, agility and cost-savings. As executives continuously explore how to expand and nurture their business, cloud-based solutions look to be a logical starting point for long-term success.