The TMS Answer to Supply Chain Pros’ Nightmares

The TMS Answer to Supply Chain Pros’ Nightmares


Talent, complexity and costs – a few of the top issues keeping supply chain pros up at night in 2016, according to a joint APICS and Michigan State University report on the challenges pressuring today’s supply chain professionals.

The report, investigating the current business practices of more than 50 supply chain organizations, found that overwhelmingly, respondents were concerned about:

  • Talent: Even if firms have successful hiring cycles, they were still concerned about retaining new hires and properly developing and utilizing their talent.
  • Complexity: Products are becoming more complex and the amount of stock keeping units (SKUs) is exploding. The most common cause included building different types of products while growing existing offerings.
  • Cost and purchasing issues: Price pressures hit every industry, and to overcome them, some executives cited efficiency as a primary focus area.

So, what’s the warm milk solution to help those pros sleep soundly? In our humble opinion, to better navigate the seemingly endless supply chain challenges, a cloud-based transportation management system (TMS) is a nice start.

Talent acquisition and retention issues? While there’s no silver bullet, it’s important to find savings in other facets of their business – a TMS specialty. Stock and distribution complexity? Visibility introduced by a TMS is the key factor enabling accurate, timely decision making.

As supply chain and logistics leaders explore solutions to what’s got them tossing and turning, it may be time to consider a cloud-based TMS like Eyefreight that offers visibility, optimization and collaboration in even the world’s most complex shipping markets.