The Global Economy Speaks Many Languages – Eyefreight is Fluent

The Global Economy Speaks Many Languages – Eyefreight is Fluent

By Lisa Henthorn, V.P., Marketing Communications

The world of transportation and logistics is global, speaking many languages and crossing borders daily. Eyefreight’s creating opportunities across those borders, adding a Chinese language option to complete its support of all global markets.

According to the CIA, product exports from China reached an estimated $2.25 trillion in 2014, with a significant portion represented by consumer goods. With the latest update, we’re readying for a more global economy, positioning Eyefreight as a key resource for shippers in a vast ecommerce market.

In fact, Eyefreight now sits in a league of its own as the only cloud-based transportation management system that supports each market’s currency and language conversions, shipment safety and security, government regulations, unique taxation practices and more.

Check out how Eyefreight brings efficiencies to local, regional and global distribution planning here.

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