Tackling Complex Logistics Operations with Industry Vertical-Agnostic TMS

Tackling Complex Logistics Operations with Industry Vertical-Agnostic TMS

By Lisa Henthorn, V.P., Corporate Communications

Companies considering doing business with Eyefreight often ask us: “What other clients do you have in our industry?”

We suggest a much better question: “Do you have other clients with logistics operations as complex as ours?”

The way we see it, shipping is industry vertical agnostic. The many challenges – and opportunities – that come with managing transportation effectively are rarely industry-specific.

Day in and day out, Eyefreight helps companies across multiple industries all over the world tackle complex logistics challenges with the Eyefreight TMS; challenges like global reseller networks, how to better leverage the footprint of resellers as a logistics solution, rising freight costs, volatile fuel prices and increasing regulatory demands. From this perspective, we’ve come to a fairly straightforward understanding:  a shipment is a shipment.

In other words, whether it’s heavy machinery in transit between Beijing and London or a pair of shoes crossing the boundary of some far-removed destination, Eyefreight addresses the shipment. Where our customers find commonality is not in the product that’s shipping or the industry that manufactured it, but in what their logistics problems are and how Eyefreight solves them.

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