Transportation Planning

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Transportation Planning

Regardless of mode, Eyefreight proposes an optimal set of shipment delivery plans that adhere to your business rules and maximize delivery performance KPIs such as carrier cost optimization, distance traveled, dock usage, and emissions.

  • Select the optimal combination of transport modalities for a given set of orders;
  • Consolidate orders based on location, delivery window, and product type;
  • Minimize the total distance driven by combining sub-routes into one piece of transportation equipment;
  • Send a Freight Request for Quotation to one or more carriers;
  • Set the ideal departure time based on the loading capacity of the facilities;
  • Plan the optimal route considering traffic restrictions to specific locations;
  • Calculate planned shipment cost based on rate cards/tariff sheets; and
  • Generate and send loading plans, shipment instructions, and orders to logistics service providers.

Key benefits include:

  • Ensure on-time delivery;
  • Minimize transport costs; and
  • Increase productivity through automation and transport planning business rules.