Freight Spend Management

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Freight Spend Management

Eyefreight’s Freight Spend Management Module gives shippers visibility into outsourced transportation operations.  With this visibility, shippers can better manage the costs associated with these services.

Eyefreight’s patent-pending algorithms determine optimal product distribution plans, which include planned costs for the shipper and shipment instructions for the carriers.  When a carrier must deviate from these instructions and incur costs outside of the plan, Eyefreight’s Freight Spend Management Module notifies the shipper of these exceptions for review and approval.

Eyefreight eliminates the need for invoice reconciliation.  The Freight Spend Management Module generates pre-invoices according to a single formula: planned costs + approved deviations in Eyefreight = actual transportation costs.

Furthermore, Eyefreight generates detailed reports on:

  • Cost to Serve (per order/SKU)
  • Planned Costs vs. Actual Costs
  • “What if” Scenarios

The Freight Spend Management Module allows you to:

  • Store essential transportation data for transportation cost planning
  • Allocate costs according to existing transportation contracts
  • Manage open costs submitted by carriers
  • Approve costs outside of the designated transportation plan
  • Generate pre-invoices: planned costs (standard and surcharges) + approved costs outside of the transportation plan = actual transportation costs
  • Manage and report on the delivery cost for each individual invoice, purchase order, and/or cost center
  • Match electronic invoices against approved costs in Eyefreight
  • Transmit billing information to your ERP/finance system
  • Archive shipment costs