Business Intelligence

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Business Intelligence

Actionable information is critical for accelerating and improving logistics performance. Eyefreight’s Business Intelligence Module unites disparate data sources in a single, coherent framework for real-time reporting and detailed analysis including ad hoc analysis and querying, data visualization, scorecards, predictive analytics, and online analytical processing (OLAP).

  • Merge data from multiple sources;
  • Automate calculations;
  • Create instant graphics: charts, graphs, and tables;
  • Run weekly/monthly/annual consumption models;
  • Generate event alerts; and
  • Build custom reports (i.e., by geographic region, business unit, etc.).

With Eyefreight Business Intelligence, you can measure KPIs against all data parameters housed in the TMS – from sales orders to shipment deliveries at any moment in time.  While periodic reports can be used to make real-time decisions, historical data can be used to review carrier performance and improve purchasing policies.

Features include:

  • Custom calculations and metrics;
  • Report graphics, including geographic maps;
  • Carrier performance reports for any provider, regardless of dimensions and capabilities;
  • Detailed, milestone timestamps per shipment, package, and SKU;
  • Delivery status per location (origin/destination);
  • Inventory in movement report;
  • Cost management report by product category, by carrier, and by location, including all approved costs, unapproved costs, and costs to be evaluated;
  • Deviations report per shipment, per type, and per time period;
  • Shipment status report, including lead time and overdue items; and
  • Event notification reports.

Eyefreight’s Service team can also deliver custom reports based on individual specifications.  In addition, Eyefreight offers a complete analytics package for customers seeking maximum reporting flexibility.