Agility. Reliability. Scalability. Cloud.

Not too long ago, shippers either relied on data provided to them from their Logistics Service Providers to analyze their distribution network, or they invested significant resources in software solutions requiring ERP level implementation and support. Fast forward several years, and the global-wide demand for goods has grown exponentially. In the wake of this growth, there is an ever increasing amount of pressure to optimize overall logistics functions. To achieve this optimization, smart shippers are foregoing their former distribution network operations and instead demanding control over end-to-end transportation flows. Those shippers with a competitive advantage have sought a true data partner with great technology to quickly deliver services, information, resources and an outstanding TMS solution. And the benefits of this solution extend far beyond warehouse, truck, and unloading dock efficiencies…

Eyefreight’s Software-as-a-Service model allows the shipper to operate normally, leveraging existing applications including ERP, CRM, and EDI. Eyefreight is a collaborative application that adds to these existing capabilities and allows the shipper (finance, transportation planners, supply chain managers) and logistics partners (road, rail, deep sea, barge, air) to form a true partnership where both the shipper and its logistics partners use real-time information to improve visibility, increase performance and reduce costs.

Eyefreight recognizes global logistics is well suited for Cloud based computing solutions. The paramount need for each player in the supply chain function is the ability to think globally and leverage locally, and Eyefreight’s end-to-end business solution delivers this capability. Its Software-as-a-Service is a highly structured, shared working space that is a productive alternative to “behind the firewall” based software implementations, empowering supply chain constituents to understand transportation flow opportunities, improve on-the-job efficiency and deliver superior customer service.