Easy to configure. Designed to scale. Drive real business value into logistics.

Eyefreight provides a single platform for central coordination and detailed data visibility over complex, global-wide transportation operations. From inventory allocation and distribution planning to freight invoice settlement, Eyefreight reduces costs, improves timeliness, increases service levels, and ensures sustainability. With the Eyefreight Level 5 TMS, your management team will gain insight on critical variables such as costs, performance, transport plan deviations, and emissions (CO2, NOX, SOX and PM10) per brand, per product, and per cost center.

The majority of Eyefreight clients use the Eyefreight platform as an add-on to their ERP system to better manage outsourced transportation, gain flexibility within their logistics operations, and implement an end-to-end logistics technology solution. Designed for customization and scale, Eyefreight’s application technology and algorithms are easily configured to meet each individual client’s specific network needs.