Shoring Up Cloud Security through Certification

Shoring Up Cloud Security through Certification

By Lisa Henthorn, V.P., Marketing Communications

Since the advent of cloud technologies, concerns regarding security have existed, even as “as a service” offerings have greatly expanded the scope, value and security of outsourced solutions. As previously mentioned, 61 percent of IT senior management professionals cite security as the largest barrier to widespread adoption of cloud-based solutions, according to a recent study by IDG Enterprise.

Is it safe? Where’s my data? Who else has access? For solution providers looking to provide the most robust answer, a certification from a cloud-security standards body speaks volumes. Obtaining a certification from a standards body means endorsement and use by leaders in the cloud-based solutions industry. For Eyefreight, that meant recently completing a Star Certification Self-Assessment through the Cloud Security Alliance.

For solution providers, the benefits of a CSA Certification are multi-faceted:

  • Externally – Customers can rest assured their data and IP is in secure hands even if the processing takes place outside their firewall; prospects are assured security is a priority when assessing market offerings.
  • Internally – Certifications create discipline and awareness for employees throughout the company to work in a secure manner while maintaining high standards.
  • Partners – In choosing partners from the CSA STAR list, companies feel confident that their partners offer the same security guarantees they do.

When an organization evaluates itself against the strictest cloud security standards, a culture of accountability permeates throughout. Now, the sales and marketing team can confidently turn security questions into productive conversations, and the product team can integrate security into the solution, not add it afterward.
Of course, security certification must play an ongoing role within an organization. Policies and procedures need periodic review and updating. New features and add-ons must meet the security criteria. New employees need security awareness, and existing employees need to understand their ongoing obligations.

For Eyefreight, cloud security is not a project, but a culture. For those looking to evaluate their cloud-based solution, a security certification is the best way to confidently answer the ever appearing question: “Am I safe?”