By Lisa Henthorn, V.P., Corporate Communications

Would centralizing our logistics capabilities help us improve customer service and drive down our costs?  It’s a straightforward question on the minds of many supply chain and logistics executives at global corporations with decentralized logistics functions.

But the answer isn’t always so clear.

To help CSCOs break through the fog, a Gartner Research report — “Apply These Essential Factors When Designing a Global Logistics Organization” — can help.

The recommendations shared in the Gartner research are designed to enable supply chain and logistics executives to:

  • Prepare for organizational design initiatives by understanding how their current logistics maturity levels impact the nature and magnitude of organizational change
  • Consider four key principles to ensure that organizational design is not only aligned to the business but structured to meet mission-critical business goals
  • Assess their organization’s regional needs and understand that a one-size-fits-all approach will rarely work everywhere

Coming in October, complimentary copies of this invaluable research will be available through Eyefreight.  Check back for more details.

Gartner Apply These Essential Factors When Designing a Global Logistics Organization, 20 August 2015, Greg Aimi, Ken Chadwick.