Drive new value into your supply chain.

Eyefreight provides a command center for shippers, reducing net landed cost of goods while improving business margins.  An accessible, Level 5 TMS SaaS solution, Eyefreight deploys rapidly and integrates with existing transportation workflows.

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Easy to configure. Designed to scale. Drive real business value into logistics.

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Retail. Manufacturing. CPG. Now, a TMS to eliminate your unique transportation network seams.

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The formula is simple when the partnership is right. Read our stories. Meet our partners.

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leading carriers across
dozens of countries

reduction in net
landed cost of goods

reduction in transport
planning hours

reduction in failed /
delayed shipments

Our Transportation Management System

The Eyefreight Level 5 Transportation Management System puts the shipper in the driver’s seat for all logistics functions. Shippers partner with Eyefreight to achieve greater efficiency, visibility and control over their transportation flows. Our innovative, SaaS application supports large multi-national shippers by enhancing and coordinating the entire transportation management process. Our platform unites local logistics processes and data with global corporate vision to optimize the entire supply chain function. Easy to configure and designed to scale, Eyefreight is a long-term technology solution to drive real business value through your logistics operations.

  1. Manage transportation spend as a point of competitive differentiation.

  2. Orchestrate and enhance the entire transportation management process from a single platform.

  3. Improve carrier network performance in metrics beyond price optimization.

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Tata Steel partnered with Eyefreight to realize its vision of value creation and corporate citizenship.

Using Eyefreight, Tata increased on-time delivery and invoicing, boosted real-time and projected reporting, and enabled inventory visibility across warehouses.

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Gruppo Campari integrated all of its partners into one platform with Eyefreight.

A leader in the global branded beverage industry, Gruppo Campari reduces workload and freight costs, improves forecasting, and negotiates more favorable carrier rates with Eyefreight. Now we’re raising our glasses to reduced distribution costs!

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Mango reduced workload and freight costs with Eyefreight, but that’s not all.

Eyefreight provides the clothing and accessories brand with real-time visibility over its entire transportation process, prioritized shipment management, robust reporting and forecasting, and the ability to better negotiate carrier rates.

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In the news

Eyefreight Looks to Eight

This June, Eyefreight will celebrate its eighth anniversary. For those employees who were present and accounted for at the first anniversary party, this milestone feels no less thrilling.

What began as a transportation management consulting firm run by just a handful of people is now a global leader in Level 5 Transportation Management Software with 65 employees and counting on its team. In addition, employees and leaders alike are excited to call Eyefreight an international company, having expanded its reach from a solitary headquarters in the Netherlands to a global office network including the UK, France, Germany, Brazil, and the United States.


Research from Gartner Asks: What are you Measuring and Why?

According to research from Gartner, expanded logistics complexity and extended global networks drive the need for a single set of measurements that help companies better track logistics performance globally. However, while most companies have ready access to low-level metrics, they struggle to organize and align these metrics with their impact on higher-level performance goals and objectives.


TMS – The Critical Component of any ERP System

Still looking to win approval for a substantial TMS investment? It may have just become easier, as Jim Hendrickson, professor at The Ohio State University’s Fisher School of Business has shown in his latest results from a recent study of supply chain professionals on case creation, approval processes, failures, and more.


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