High-Tech Supply Chains are Changing – We’re Ready.

High-Tech Supply Chains are Changing – We’re Ready.

By Lisa Henthorn, V.P., Marketing Communications

The fifth Annual UPS Change in the (Supply) Chain (CITC) survey conducted by IDC Manufacturing Insights focuses on the future of various facets of high-tech supply chains, with themes for the upcoming year including aggressive expansion into emerging markets and sustainability and its impact on company growth.

Many of the markets once considered emerging have now emerged; yet growth opportunities remain for high-tech companies with intentions to expand operations:

  • 71 percent of high-tech companies are already in China, with 45 percent in India and 45 percent in other Asian markets
  • In the next year, the three top emerging markets high-tech companies are planning to enter are Brazil (21 percent), Russia (20 percent) and India (20 percent)

Of course, regulations remain a significant barrier to entering emerging markets. According to the survey, navigating the regulatory environment was the top concern of high-tech executives, with 35 percent citing this as a top concern.

Eyefreight helps reduce barriers with a multi-national solution that supports a wide range of languages and currencies, bringing efficiencies to local, regional and global distribution planning. Beyond that, Eyefreight considers such in-market factors as shipment safety and security, government regulations, and unique taxation practices to help solve shipping problems globally.

Another increased concern for high-tech supply chain executives is sustainability and its impact on company growth. According to the survey, 73 percent of high-tech executives believe the top driver of sustainability for high-tech companies is cost reduction.

As more and more companies turn cost reduction efforts away from manufacturing in favor of optimizing cost of distribution, cloud-based TMS solutions like Eyefreight can produce efficiencies in nearly every facet, from inventory management to transport planning. Any goods with significant distribution costs (representing a significant portion of net landed cost of goods) can benefit from this approach to cost cutting.

As logistics executives continue to evaluate means of improving their supply chains, signs point to cloud-based TMS as the solution for improved risk-management, sustainability, communication and efficiency. A solution for the future, Eyefreight solves global and local shipping problems and creates efficiencies in every market around the world.