Automation’s on the Rise in China

Automation’s on the Rise in China


Traditionally, change has been slow when it pertains to China’s domestic transportation, largely driven by the fact that there were no players with the mass required to enact widespread change.

That’s changing quickly though. As the growth of e-commerce in China accelerates, the demand for increased efficiency in China distribution is driving some incremental improvements in supply chain in the form of localized supply chain IT solutions.

Despite the government’s recent progress in significantly improving the nation’s logistics environment, China remains tops for shipping and logistics nightmares, with nine ministries and commissions overseeing logistics and more than 700,000 trucking operators doing business.

But, according to analysts, locally developed IT solutions are becoming increasingly sophisticated and well-suited to China’s logistics market.

Of course, supply chain visibility is a top priority for all companies, both domestically and globally, but especially those that operate in China. Timely, accurate information at multiple points in their supply chain is essential – and that’s where a transportation management system comes in.

It remains to be seen how these localized IT solutions, along with an automated transportation management technology, can help capture a greater share of the skyrocketing growth in a complex market. One thing we do know, with the implementation of automation technology, increased efficiencies in supply chains are coming.

Eyefreight recently published a whitepaper detailing the complexities of the Chinese market and how leveraging a TMS can clear numerous hurdles. Download the whitepaper or give us a call to discuss Eyefreight’s leading solutions.