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Research from Gartner Asks: What are you Measuring and Why?

According to research from Gartner, expanded logistics complexity and extended global networks drive the need for a single set of measurements that help companies better track logistics performance globally. However, while most companies have ready access to low-level metrics, they struggle to organize and align these metrics with their impact on higher-level performance goals and objectives.


TMS – The Critical Component of any ERP System

Still looking to win approval for a substantial TMS investment? It may have just become easier, as Jim Hendrickson, professor at The Ohio State University’s Fisher School of Business has shown in his latest results from a recent study of supply chain professionals on case creation, approval processes, failures, and more.\r\n


Building the Business Case for TMS – an OSU Study

With the increasing complexity of global supply chains, the need for supply chain automation has never been greater. This increased complexity demands increasingly sophisticated technology solutions that often require a significant financial investment from businesses and come with a steep learning curve. Eyefreight and The Ohio State University’s Fisher School of Business recently launched a survey to discover just how well supply chain executives are making their case for supply chain automation. \r\n


Automation’s on the Rise in China

Traditionally, change has been slow when it pertains to China’s domestic transportation, largely driven by the fact that there were no players with the mass required to enact widespread change. \r\n