Ken Fleming

Ken Fleming

Chief Executive Officer

Since the mid-1990s, Ken Fleming has led the successful launches of many new technologies and services, including supply chain management, e-commerce, SaaS and enterprise software and systems integration solutions.

As CEO, Ken manages Eyefreight to ensure it meets strategic, operational and revenue goals while holding true to the company’s tenets of innovation, customer service and sustainability. Since joining Eyefreight, Ken has helped grow revenues ten-fold.

Prior to Eyefreight, Ken was President & COO of Transora and served as Vice President of Global Product Marketing at Kewill, a global leader in multimodal transportation management software.

Before Kewill, Ken was Director of European Marketing at Sterling Commerce where he helped launch Sterling’s most successful software product, Gentran, into North America, Europe and Asia.

Ken currently lives in Utrecht, the Netherlands, making frequent trips to Eyefreight’s U.S. headquarters in Chicago.

Gert Jan Jansen op de Haar

Gert Jan Jansen op de Haar

Chief Financial Officer

For more than 25 years, Gert Jan Jansen op de Haar has built businesses around the creation of business-to-business software applications that drive measurable results in complex environments.

As CFO, Gert Jan is responsible for finance, human resources and legal matters at Eyefreight.

Prior to Eyefreight, Gert Jan served in various roles at Itude, a software consulting organization. Under Gert Jan’s leadership, Itude founded three new companies: Itude Mobile, Footballfans and Eyefreight.

Before Itude, Gert Jan was CEO at Centric, a Dutch company that produces software solutions for governmental bodies. Gert Jan helped Centric grow through an aggressive marketing and acquisition strategy to emerge as the market leader.

Gert Jan currently lives in the Utrecht area, the Netherlands with his wife and their three kids. He is an avid cyclist and entrepreneur.

Yung Fu

Yung Fu

Vice President, Product Management

With more than 20 years of experience in software applications, including transportation management systems, Yung Fu has successfully developed and implemented mission-critical systems with high transaction volume as a project manager with both local and offshore teams around the world.

As VP Product Management, Yung oversees the strategy, design and development of the Eyefreight product.

Prior to Eyefreight, Yung was COO & co-owner of Itude, where he was responsible for Itude technology operations and co-founded Itude Mobile and Eyefreight.

Yung was also previously responsible for the establishment and part of the management team of the Oracle System Development practice at Ernst & Young Consulting in the Netherlands.

Luiz Martins

Luiz Martins

Vice President Sales, Latin America

Luiz Martins boasts more than 20 years of experience in sales, operations and supply chain management, having worked in leadership positions for several multinational companies overseeing large projects and communities. He has implemented and rolled out technologies and supply chain services to multiple countries during his career.

As sales director for Latin America, Luiz helps amplify Eyefreight’s reach to the region with local commercial and implementation capabilities.

Prior to Eyefreight, Luiz was responsible for building worldwide communities for 1WorldSync, a leading product information network and data pool solutions provider.

Before 1WorldSync, Luiz was sales director for Mitsubishi Latin America where he worked for 10 years establishing distribution and growing market share for technology products.