5 Things You Don’t Know about Eyefreight

5 Things You Don’t Know about Eyefreight

By Lisa Henthorn, V.P. Marketing Communications

5 Things You Don’t Know about Eyefreight

Normally, our Business Analysts and Sales Directors contribute thoughtful industry analyses to the Eyefreight blog. You read these posts and feel well educated about logistics industry challenges. Maybe curious about Eyefreight’s SaaS TMS functionality. Perhaps even inclined to give a couple of them a call for a product demo or a date (yes, Mattia is available).

And then…the blog gods called on Marketing to contribute a post. Cue the clever taglines and the state-of-the-art graphics!

Or even better…cue the little known Eyefreight secrets behind the polished corporate façade: A CTO who BREWS HIS OWN BEER? A 65+ staff in the Netherlands that EATS LUNCH TOGETHER EVERY DAY? A Sales Director who actually SWAM ACROSS THE AMAZON?

In the words of Farmer Ted from Sixteen Candles, “THIS is gonna’ be good.”

1. Eyefreight CEO Ken Fleming is a drummer.

Yep, he’s a Who-crazed, throw-his-sticks-into-the-audience, designated-van-driver-to-all-gigs musician. And this makes sense to us here at Eyefreight. Our organization is a band of sorts. Ken said once in an interview with CIO Review, “In my band, I set the rhythm, but there is a bass player, a guitarist, and a lead singer who all lend their talents to create an overall sound. It’s no different at work. I set the strategy, but there are Sales, Services, Research & Development, Administrative, and Marketing(!) staff who lend their talents to achieve an overall goal.” Amen to that.

P.S. His friends call him Ken, but you can call him John.

2. More than half of our staff is “tech.”

Uh-huh, the rest of us “non-tech” folks are seriously outnumbered. We smile nicely at the communal lunch table and offer up a courteous “oh, you don’t say” when called upon, but the reality is Eyefreight-speak includes stuff like “algorithm” and “mathematical modeling” in every other (actually, maybe every) sentence. Us MarCom peeps are sort of relieved when lunch is over and we can go back to our RGB colored world of email opens and web page views.\r\n\r\nThat said, the Eyefreight algorithms are the basis for Eyefreight’s unique modular structure (modules include Advanced Planning and Optimization, Control Tower, and Cost Management), which is in turn responsible for the on-time and cost efficient delivery of things like Levi’s and Campari. Every Marketer’s dream is a first-rate product to market, so from us Eyefreight “non-tech” to you Eyefreight “tech,” our heartfelt gratitude!

P.S. Thanks for making sure our jeans and our cocktails are always in stock.

3. Eyefreight colors were originally based on the Seattle Seahawks’ color scheme.

When bandleader Ken Fleming picked up the Eyefreight drumsticks more than two years ago, he decided the Eyefreight aesthetic needed a facelift. Rather than turn to Beverly Hills for facelift inspiration, he looked instead toward Seattle. (Typical Ken. Always challenging the norm.) He decided the Seahawks had a good little Pantone combo going on, and instructed us to re-paint.

P.S. We did adjust the green slightly – neon has its limits.

4. We have “date nights.”

Who needs a romantic restaurant or two hours watching Bradley Cooper on the big screen when you can spend a Friday night at Eyefreight eating ‘za and trying to break our code? That’s right, folks. Eyefreight takes its algorithms’ performance and accuracy VERY seriously. The hardest ticket in town to get these days is admission for one into our very own hacking sessions.   Think packed rooms, your favorite tunes, and fabulous prizes for those who find a bug. No, Marketing never wins. In fact, we’re not really even invited. However, we’re very good sports about it, and we know that ultimately this conscientious attention to the Eyefreight application’s performance means it’s the customer who wins in the end. (Are we gracious or what?)

P.S. If you’re really lucky, our CTO will treat you to his very own microbrew once your attempts at TMS subversion are over.

5. We are multi-national.

Remember how I said we’re always talking about algorithms and math and stuff? Well, guess what? We’re talking about algorithms and math and stuff in 17 languages. When you ask our employees where they went for the holidays, they respond with things like “Iles de la Madeline” and “The Great Dune of Pyla.” Our corporate photos look like those old United Colors of Benetton ads from the 1980s.

True statement: one of the most important things I learned when I started this job is that if you hold down a letter key on your Mac keyboard, all of the possible accent marks and diacritics appear. And the second most important thing I learned on this job is that a single email addressed to “Corporate” yields a travel guide that puts Fodor’s to shame. Need to know how to get football tickets in Brazil? He can tell you. Looking for reservations at the best boutique hotel in Portugal?   She’s got your back. Want directions to an out-of-the-way watering hole in Italy? There’s a guy for that too. Admit it. You’re about to go online now and check out our open positions, aren’t you?

P.S. Everything I just said about our international make-up applies to our TMS too. Eyefreight, like its employees, can be installed anywhere.

As I finish writing this, I realize that while I may have let you in on an Eyefreight secret or two, I’ve also written a nice, if slightly cheeky homage to an organization that believes in collaboration, welcomes a free flow of ideas, and holds itself to the highest standards of excellence.

Happy New Year, ‘Freighters!  I love you, even if you do think about math a lot.

P.S. Business Analysts and Sales Directors: you can have your blog back.