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Eyefreight provides a command center for shippers, reducing net landed cost of goods while improving business margins.  An accessible SaaS solution, Eyefreight deploys rapidly and integrates with existing transportation workflows.

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Retail. Manufacturing. CPG. Now, a TMS to eliminate your unique transportation network seams.

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reduction in net
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reduction in transport
planning hours

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Our Transportation Management System

The Eyefreight Transportation Management System puts the shipper in the driver’s seat for all logistics functions. Shippers partner with Eyefreight to achieve greater efficiency, visibility and control over their transportation flows. Our innovative, SaaS application supports large multi-national shippers by enhancing and coordinating the entire transportation management process. Our platform unites local logistics processes and data with global corporate vision to optimize the entire supply chain function. Easy to configure and designed to scale, Eyefreight is a long-term technology solution to drive real business value through your logistics operations.

  1. Manage transportation spend as a point of competitive differentiation.

  2. Orchestrate and enhance the entire transportation management process from a single platform.

  3. Improve carrier network performance in metrics beyond price optimization.

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Tata Steel partnered with Eyefreight to realize its vision of value creation and corporate citizenship.

Using Eyefreight, Tata increased on-time delivery and invoicing, boosted real-time and projected reporting, and enabled inventory visibility across warehouses.

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Gruppo Campari integrated all of its partners into one platform with Eyefreight.

A leader in the global branded beverage industry, Gruppo Campari reduces workload and freight costs, improves forecasting, and negotiates more favorable carrier rates with Eyefreight. Now we’re raising our glasses to reduced distribution costs!

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Epta increases efficiencies and reduces its carbon footprint with Eyefreight.

This European leader and global partner in the commercial refrigeration market also improved order intake, distribution planning, shipment monitoring, cost management and KPI reporting. Now that’s Eptology!

Read the full case study.

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Mango reduced workload and freight costs with Eyefreight, but that’s not all.

Eyefreight provides the clothing and accessories brand with real-time visibility over its entire transportation process, prioritized shipment management, robust reporting and forecasting, and the ability to better negotiate carrier rates.

Read the full case study.

In the news

The TMS Answer to Talent Retention’s Reprioritization

It goes without saying – trucking is a different animal, with drivers on the road sometimes weeks at a time – so it can be hard to draw comparisons between the trucking industry and the broader landscape of the business community when it comes to basically anything.


To Outsource Transportation, or not to Outsource Transportation? Research from Gartner Helps Companies Answer the Question

According to the latest research from Gartner, despite it’s primarily customer-facing nature, transport is the most highly outsourced and commoditized logistics function. In fact, 81% of companies included in the Gartner survey outsourced at least some, if not all, of their domestic transport. Even more interesting? Two-thirds of these companies stated their primary objective in outsourcing transportation was to reduce costs, not to improve customer service.


Newly-Passed Highway Bill has Big Driver Shortage Implications

It’s not shocking the industry faces a truck driver shortage: days are long, family life is tough and drivers can spend hours upon hours staring at the same road.

It’s not a secret any longer either, with the shortage front and center amongst the most-discussed topics in supply chain in 2015, and Congress doing their part to address the issue in the latest version on the five-year highway bill. While the focus remains on funding for freight projects and changes to Compliance, Safety and Accountability (CSA) regulations, the bill also includes a pilot program to ease the shortage that is hampering the industry.





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